Wednesday, April 25, 2012

FBI: Operation Devil's Playground nets 12 drug and gun dealing illegal beaner suspects in Chicago Lawn Area

Twelve people have been charged after a three-year investigation into sales of guns, cocaine and methamphetamine in the Chicago Lawn neighborhood on the South Side.

The investigation, dubbed Operation Devil's Playground, involved the FBI and the Chicago Police and targeted drug and gun trafficking by the Satan Disciple gang, the FBI said.

The investigation focused on an area near 59th and Richmond streets where 11 firearms and more than $15,000 was recovered, the FBI said.

Five of the 12 were named in federal criminal complaints charging them with selling guns and drugs: Ranulfo Valadares, 30; Luis Castaneda, 29 of Berwyn; Jaime Reyes, 35 and Refugio Avila, 31, the FBI said. Juan Castaneda, 27, is wanted and the subject of a manhunt, the FBI said.



Anonymous said...

Everytime I see that beaner picture you post I laugh my ass off! Classic shaved I love that pic

kenny powers said...

I miss MY Chicago Lawn

Anonymous said...

The Lugans built a nice neighborhood. I am glad the old time Lugans are dead so they wouldn't have to see how the crap ruined it. They are probably at St Cshmir's turning in their graves as they hear the way Pookie and Juan have pissed over everything.

Anonymous said...

Chicago Lawn , Marquette Park were once the pride of Chicago middle class . You could eat off the sidewalks , leave doors unlocked.
It's now a black and hispanic ghetto , filthy , crime infested.

Anonymous said...

Sad same last names as the Officers I work with.

I Voted For Obama said...

More absentee ballots. This is getting difficult.

Anonymous said...

Wow, three years and 11 guns. That's almost 4 a year.

Did you ever think that you were stroking yourself?