Thursday, April 19, 2012

Chicago Police Officers witness slaying, chase down gunman

Chicago police chased down a gunman after they saw him fatally shoot another man on a South Side street, authorities said. Gresham District officers were on patrol when they heard gunshots in the 700 block of East 87th Place just before 11:30 p.m. Wednesday and went to investigate, police said. As the officers arrived, they saw a man fire three shots into the head of a man on the ground, authorities said. The officers chased down the 30-year-old suspect and took him into custody, according to authorities. The suspect, who lives across the street from the victim, has a street gang affiliation but police didn't offer a motive. CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL NEWS STORY


Anonymous said...

And just exactly why is the offender still breathing?

Once again, hair gel strikes, showing just his far this department has sunk.

Lesson to slick-sleeve having, hair gel using, 5 year on the job, too much college idiots on this job: this is what the real police call a "freebie". Now go ask the first coworker you can find with over 20 years on the job what that means. I hope I NEVER have to work with a clownsocks like these pussies who are afraid to drop the hammer.

Anonymous said...

That's why I would call a HAPPY ENDING.

Not some of the massage parlor's when you have to pay for the little X-TRA!

Anonymous said...

To the stroke with the freebei comment stfu. I bet you have been in a northside slow district y
our entire career i have fired my weapon and it is not an easy decision to make. Oh btw I have 13 on and i bet you havent done shit in 10 years.

I Voted For Obama said...

Nicely done.