Monday, March 12, 2012

Way before the night has begun...2 dead, 2 injured in shootings in Chicago... More to come

Two men were killed and another man injured in separate shootings on the South Side, officials said.

In the first shooting a 76-year-old man was found shot to death in the backyard of a Chatham neighborhood home this afternoon, authorities said.

Police were called to the 8100 block of South Prairie Avenue about 4:50 p.m. and found the man shot in the head, according to police News Affairs. Police have lanched a death investigation into that shooting, according to a spokeswoman.



Anonymous said...

Lawsuit Filed by Strip Club Owner Alleges Stone Park Shakedown

Anonymous said...

(OT) Was at the Food 4 Less last night, on 77th and Cicero what the hell is going on with these brazen pos punks? A female odpo from Chicago,just got off work,decides to get some groceries,comes back to her car gets jumped,by 3 hispanic males and no news coverage! The female let 1 round go (Thank GOD she was carrying who knows the outcome if not), but she missed had a breathing problem was ruched to the hospital,the 3 punks fled in a vehicle. The problem we need it out here, the type of car, does Food 4 Less have any cameras in the parking lot? they took her purse, and Burbank had the thought to call CPD and give her home address as they had her purse,and CPD sat on her home,lo and behold her purse was found near her home with items from it strewn about! She had someone home,could you imagine the scene if the 3 punks would of got in her home with the key,what do you think would of happened to her kid??

The supts daughter gets something atken from her and overtime is doled out,detectives all over it,guess being a lowly blue shirt does not mean shit right boss?

Anonymous said...

Hitler would be proud of the democrats in Chicago.

Anonymous said...

Well, now she has to move. If alone I would welcome the 3 to a lead feast. Unfortunately, she has a family. Seriously, preaching to choir but these dogs must be hunted and put down. We do it to rabid dogs, why not rabid human trash?

Anonymous said...

At this time, all "victims" have been of the colored persuasion, so who gives a rat's ass.

Carry on, nogs.


I Voted For Obama said...

One would think that at seventy six years old and still alive at Eighty First and Prairie that you have finally beaten the odds. Guess not.

Anonymous said...

To me its a numbers game as well. I'm very competitive. If Chicago can't be the richest, the most intelligent, the fittest, etc., we might as well have the most black on black homicides - actually preferred to any aforementioned titles