Saturday, March 10, 2012

Upon re-reading this, I think that it NEEDS to be read & absorbed by those who might not read the other thread.

This was in response to the A S S HOLE SGT and cop who lost it all because they SO needed to manufacture probable cause for some half-assed search warrant that will probably make the drug dealing s c u m bag they tried to flake a millionaire.


This article was probably the 1st time I became aware of this particular heinous situation.

It is indeed sad.

What is sadder still is that the current climate of the NYPD, in it's relentless NUMBERS FOR THE SAKE OF NUMBERS mode, will likely produce a few more tragedies of this type.

I mean really....WTF could possibly motivate NYC police officers to place themselves in such legal jeopardy for something so utterly MEANINGLESS and un-beneficial to their own lives?

I KNOW that doing police work is often spent in a gray area and that precious few things are LEGALLY black and white.

However, there are ways of cutting corners that are acceptable and there are ways of cutting corners that will surely get you indicted and prosecuted IF it should ever come to light.

I'm going to make it very simple for the simpletons to understand because these cow eyed a s s holes are STILL willing to jump through flaming hoops of fire to appease the Precinct C.O. and the occupants of the
S h i t Colored Temple of Doom....

Today, you cut corners to do their bidding. That's great. They promised you X, Y & Z because your going out on a limb garners them a few more collars in the PSB column of the CompStat Report. A couple more collars than last year, which is what some ambitious, Narcissistic, "movin' on up" a s s hole needs to get to Deputy Inspector.

It's all great and maybe the SOL even gets Special Assignment money. Well, that's what they promised to put him in for anyway.

However, just remember Corner Cutters and End Justifies The your zeal to get those numbers, you are likely p i s s i n g off some of the folks that you work with and you are surely p i s s in g off the mutts whose civil rights you are cavalierly violating to "make the number".

This game has gone on for a long time. Surely, people in the inner city are "dirty" and those in the drug netherworld can be f u c k e d with to a certain extent and no one believes most of the s h i t that emanates from their pie holes.

That said, occasionally, a "real person" gets grabbed up with the rest of the s h i t. These "real people" are sometimes tax payers who know local politicians and they know how to make a stink. As a result, the flood gates will sometimes open up.

When that happens, remember WHY you originally prostituted yourself, went balls to the wall and brought a whole world of s h i t down on yourself. And don't think that the guy who you were going out on a limb for is going to come to your rescue. You have outlived your use-fullness to him. You are now a liability and you will be fortunate to escape with Departmental Charges. Ever heard of "plausible deniability "? Well, you are now an EXAMPLE of it.

To placate you, the C.O. will likely write up a nice testament to your greatness to the Department Advocate but unfortunately that will ultimately amount to a small squirt of p i s s. You are on your own. A delegate will likely pat you on the back and tell you how " f u c k e d up it is that you got used" but you already know this.

This Gospel truth should be disregarded at your own peril.

I advise that you pull your heads out of your a s s es and be f u ck i n g men for a change instead of some pathetic squirrels trying to get a nut and somebody who blames your inexplicable actions on somebody who will cut you loose and deny he knows you quicker than a rabbit gets f u c k e d when the storm clouds roll in...

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