Monday, March 05, 2012

Monday March 5th 2012 - General Casimir Pulaski Day honors Revolutionary War hero

It’s Pulaski Day. Do you know why it’s celebrated in Illinois?

The holiday for Chicago city workers, school children and others around the state is observed in honor of Brigadier Gen. Casimir Pulaski the first Monday of every March.

Pulaski was a famed cavalry officer and freedom fighter in Poland who, at the behest of Benjamin Franklin, joined the American Revolutionary War. Known as the father of the American cavalry, he died after being wounded in October 1779 in a battle to take back Savannah, Ga., from the British.

But why is Pulaski honored here rather than any other Polish war hero from the Revolutionary War? Because Pulaski is easier to pronounce than Kosciuszko (Ko-SHOOSH’-ko).

“[Thaddeus] Kosciuszko was much more influential, but Pulaski was better known because Pulaski died this glorious death running into battle in Savannah — and his name was much easier to pronounce. George Washington spelled Kosciuszko’s name 11 different ways,” said Alex Storozynski, a former New York Daily News writer and author of a book about Kosciuszko.


On Monday, the city of Chicago and Cook County will observe Casimir Pulaski Day, a holiday in honor of the Polish-born cavalry officer fatally wounded in the Revolutionary War. Following is a partial list of closings.

Schools: Public schools in Chicago and many suburbs will close.

Libraries: All Chicago public libraries will be closed.

Government offices: All city of Chicago and Cook County offices will close, but federal and state offices will remain open.

Postal service: Mail will be delivered.

Courts: Cook County courts closed, except for Central Bond Court. All federal and state courts will be open.

Banks and financial markets: Most banks and all financial markets will be open.

Transit: Metra, Pace and the CTA will operate normal weekday schedules.


Anonymous said...

And so that is why we changed Pulaski Road to Crawford Ave?

Stosh from Milwaukee Avenue

Anonymous said...

Honor this hero today! Pulaski forever!

Visit the Garfield Park Conservatory and take a detour a few blocks to the street which bears his name. Or just get at the CTA green line Pulaski stop.

Pulaski is a wonderful city corridor at that junction. Stroll about and enjoy the grandeur of that road and all the excellence it can lead you to.

When you are done with Pulaski, venture off onto some intersecting streets and thrill at the splendor of the West Side that Pulaski has introduced you to.

(Do not go! That is Coonville if you did not know. You going to get raped and robbed!)

Anonymous said...

Read niggers!

The Peasant Prince: Thaddeus Kosciuszko and the Age of Revolution by Alex Storozynski
ISBN: 0312625944

You can buy that on Amazon or other sellers. Less then $7 new in paperback format.

Rufus Khan said...

This is Racist shit, Why dont We have a holiday for Black peoples?
Next thing You White fuckers will want a whold Month to celebrate White History month an We all know You didnt do shit to build America We and the Beaners did it all.

Anonymous said...

off topic...murder in 011 ...I murdered C. Hernandez's Man Pussy. It's gonna hurt riding that bike.

Aldo Raine

Anonymous said...

Just another excuse for a holiday for the clouted.

Anonymous said...

Did he like Folo's too?

I Voted For Obama said...

General Casimir Pulaski voted for Obama, then asked him if he had any tips on how not to get killed in his first battle.

Anonymous said...

Say do beaners have any war heros????????/

Anonymous said...

You helped build under the direction of a white man like today because it's federal law to have niggers and spics on the job! And we all know that niggers and spics are to stupid to know how to complete a job!

Anonymous said...

"It’s Pulaski Day. Do you know why it’s celebrated in Illinois?"

Because THE MACHINE makes money off it.

Bob Osos said...

We make love....not war.

Anonymous said...

Washington to Pulaski: "Hey Stosh, got any kalocki or perogi?"

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Say do beaners have any war heros????????/

March 5, 2012 8:13 AM

por favor don keel me gringo me no alamo me no goliad

Anonymous said...

It was said that Pulaski did not run into battle like history says. Pulaski thought he was running back to his Calvary and ended running into the British Calvary. He was just a dumb pollack.

Anonymous said...

We wouldn't have this holiday because it is before the third tuesday in march, read primary election day? NAH. Our state reps would never do something like that.


Shouldn't we have a Vladimir Putin
day also?

Anonymous said...

Just another Polack......

Anonymous said...

stas says "all the mc's running this shitty state and we get a holiday for a 'dumb' polack. seems to me you potato eaters are the dumb ones. you cant even get a holiday for one of your own. gonna have some zimne piwos with my ot pay."

Anonymous said...

I have his picture framed on the wall 365.

Anonymous said...

"Libraries: All Chicago public libraries will be closed."

I still was able to early vote the library that doubles as the pre election polling venue near me. Did that just a few hours back.

Wondered why the doors were locked and no bums were there. Just a guard to ask if you were voting, let you in and direct you to the area...

Still, no homeless in the library!
Pulaski Day FTW!

Anonymous said...

British Calvary. He was just a dumb pollack.

March 5, 2012 10:31 AM
Uh, it's cavalry. Stoopid Mick. Deutchesland über alles.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Say do beaners have any war heros????????/

March 5, 2012 8:13 AM

Survey Says:

The Cisco Kid
The Frito Bandito
Ricardo Montalban
Herve Villechaize
Cheech Marin
Tommy Chong
Cerveza Fria

Anonymous said...

8:26 PM You forgot the legend in his own mind, none other than:
Commander Mummbles- a cowardice Mexican who has worked for his promotions, he has the scuffs & scratches on his knees to prove it..