Thursday, March 22, 2012

Liquor salesman fights off gang of colored thugs with bottle of tequila

For liquor salesman Willie Whitehead, the tools of his trade came in handy when a gang of youths surrounded him in the Englewood neighborhood on the South Side.

As the muggers pulled on his briefcase and ripped his suit, grabbing for his cell phone, the 71-year-old Whitehead said he lifted a sample bottle of tequila over his head.

“I told them to come on with it. I was going to hit them with it,’’ Whitehead said.

The youths ran off and Whitehead said he got in his car and called police. Officers arrested two suspects near the scene, and the rest after chasing them on foot. They ranged in age from 11 to 18.

Whitehead said he had been leaving a sales call at a liquor store in the 5900 block of South Halsted Street Wednesday afternoon when four youths surrounded him while another stood waiting at the corner.

“Two distracted me and two came behind me and grabbed my bag’’ Whitehead said. “We did a little scuffling.’’

Whitehead said his suit was ripped when one youth tried to grab his phone out of his pocket. Finally, he lifted the bottle of tequila above his head and threaten the youths. They backed away, and Whitehead said he retreated into his car.



Out of the car Motherfucker!!! said...

Willie should be getting combat pay for working in that shithole of a nigerhood!!! or better Willey
"Get yosef a motherfucking gat and learn yosef how to use it!!"

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

They're like fuckin hyenas, surrounding the old or weak.

Perry F'ing Mason said...

Get this man a CC permit.

In fact, get everyone a CC permit.

Next case.

The King of All Crackers said...

My dad you used to carry two guns when working in the ghetto for the city.

Anonymous said...

did you see that the two Jiggys arrested look identical (not they all look alike0 I mean a near match, they are gonna commit crimes in the future together and will not be able to be identified cause they look so much alike

I Voted For Obama said...

Willie Whitehead voted for Obama, then tried to sell the Secret Service bottles of tequila.

Anonymous said...

Talk about a "Loaded " gun?

Coypus said...

Unrestrained mutant breeding !