Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Important Updates from the Chicago FOP 7 Lodge

Department Update Regarding NATO Summit

Due to the 2012 NATO Summit, from 16 - 22 May 2012, the Chicago Police Department anticipates an extraordinary demand on its operational resources

The Department recognizes that certain major life events and special occasions (e.g. out of state events, graduations, weddings, etc.) not under or within the control of a Department member may and will arise during the 16 - 22 May 2012. The Department will attempt to address individual hardships, should they arise, via the following process.

Major Life Events

The member will submit his or her request to use a Personal Day(s) through the chain of command to the First Deputy Superintendent. The requesting member will submit an Overtime/Compensatory Time Report along with a To-From Report and supporting documentation.

Cancellation of Day Off

In addition, if a major life event is scheduled for a regular day off (RDO) from 16 - 22 May 2012, members are encouraged to submit a To - From Report requesting to be excused from having his or her RDO cancelled, if cancellations are necessary. The report will identify the major life event and should include supporting documentation. The report will be submitted through the chain of command to the
First Deputy Superintendent.

All requests will be reviewed on a case by case basis. All decisions made will be final. Unit Commanders will monitor and maintain a record of all requests prior to submission to the Office of the First Deputy Superintendent. All requests must be submitted by Monday, 30 April 2012.

This process applies to ALL sworn members.

Executive Officers will sign and post in C.O. Book to be read at Roll Call for 10 consecutive days. Additionally it shall be posted at Detective Shavedlongcock & Second City Cop Blogs


Monster Truck Nationals - The 100 Club of Chicago
The 100 Club of Chicago is always there to support our members. We need to return that support with ticket purchases for this event. Please make every effort to be there. We have not reached the minimum number of tickets sold in order for the 100 Club to benefit from this event.

Sears Centre Arena in Hoffman Estates is the venue for the Monster Truck Nationals which will be held on Friday, March 9, 2012 at 7:30 pm. A portion ($5.00) of each ticket sold will benefit the 100 Club of Cook County.

The 100 Club of Chicago is the civilian organization that provides for the families of Police Officers, Firefighters and Paramedics who have lost their lives in the line-of-duty. The Club helps families ease the financial burden associated with the tragic event, including immediate financial assistance and the ongoing cost of higher education. All federal, state, county and local Police Officers, Firefighters and Paramedics stationed in Cook County are included.

Please see the Monster Truck Nationals Flyer for complete details to purchase your tickets to this exciting and worthwhile event.


Anonymous said...

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You rednecks already knew that.

Anonymous said...

Also take along Sunglasses to avoid Permanent Blindness from seeing the one tooth Monster Truck Lardass Women wearing Thongs made from Dental Floss!

p.s. Bartender Bea will Bea-there!

Anonymous said...

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Ron Paul 2012!


Anonymous said...

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Aldo Raine

Anonymous said...

The major life events of some people will be deemed more important than those of other people. Especially if you are clouted.

I Voted For Obama said...

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Mr. SouthSide said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Shields will be the first president in our lodge history to be one term