Friday, March 30, 2012

From the FOP 7 Chicago Update Website

Restrictions on Use of Elective Time

At a recent March CompStat meeting, a District Commander was called on the carpet for allowing sixty percent of his available manpower to be off for the day. Apparently, members who were RDO (always 33% on every watch), members who were on furlough, members who were IOD, and members who were sick or injured were included in those statistics. Any Police Officer realizes the District Commander has absolutely no control over any of these these numbers.

What does the District Commander have control over? Elective time off.

The Lodge has been informed by members of several districts that restrictions are now being placed on the use of elective time off as a result of the CompStat meeting. Several of these Districts have now established an arbitrary number for the amount of Officers that will be allowed to use elective time on any given day.

Any Officer who is denied the use of compensatory time due to the implementation of this arbitrary practice should contact the Lodge. A grievance will be filed by the Lodge on behalf of the members of the affected District if necessary.


Detective Division Rumors

The Lodge has made an inquiry with Chief Tom Byrne regarding rumors surrounding the assignment of Area Property Crimes Detectives which will begin Sunday, March 31, 2012

Detectives will not be reporting to District Commanders. Detectives will continue to work for the Detective Area bosses. It will be up to the Area Commanders and Area Sergeants if property crimes detectives will report for roll-calls at the Areas or at Districts. (For example, detectives assigned to "Area South Property Crimes" and who are responsible for 007th District property crimes, will be allowed to report directly to the 007th district, rather than to travel to the Area facilities at 111th Street, at the discretion of the Detective Area boss.)

Logistical issues regarding department radios and vehicles will be left to the Detective Area bosses. At this time, every detective should have a locker in their Area of assignment.

Rumors have also suggested that property crime detectives will be working in uniform and/or working beat cars in districts; "this rumor is absolutely not true".


Anonymous said...

My time off request gets denied? No problem, that's what they make the medical for. I promise you that for every day denied me, I will get back four-fold on the medical. And when the bosses want to amp it up, I WILL twist an ankle or throw my back out at work. Oh yeah, you fucks ain't getting ounce the first of proactive work out of me either. Make me stand a foot post in the ghetto when the savages have been openly targeting police? Ooops, I wrenched my back. You bitches want to play games? Let's go, and lets see who comes out ahead.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of calling the union with work realted beefs, any truth to that crazy Dubs character getting a civil rights beef from a black officer??? Is it true that Dubs openly ridicules this black officer in rollcall in front of all the other officers and use racist tones and words when talking to this officer. will this be the straw to finally break this crazy assholes back? will his juice be able to pull him out of this mess if true?

James Riddle Hoffa said...

You call this a contract?

I Voted For Obama said...

Rumors, rumors, rumors. Obama loves them because he feeds on discontent.

I Voted For Obama said...

Rumors, rumors, rumors. Obama loves them because he feeds on discontent.

Mikey Likes It said...

Lets make a kid FOP President I have been on the job before he was born too funny!