Monday, March 05, 2012

Emanuel on ‘Billion Dollar Infrastructure Trust Fund:’ Just Trust Me..... I don't thnk so Rahmie...

There was a reason why this country was founded on open governmental policies... From open meeting acts to the FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT...But when sneaky corrupt politicians form these not-for-profit groups, EVERYTHING IS PRIVATE, NO INFORMATION HAS TO BE OR WILL BE RELEASED. This is unfuckingbelievable! Rahm is circumventing the laws in place to keep government open to the tax paying people.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel said Monday his proposal to create a $1.7 billion “Infrastructure Trust” is not a license to either lease city assets or cherry pick projects to finance behind a veil of secrecy.

Because the trust would be set up as a 501 C-3, the tax designation for not-for-profit organizations, concerns have been raised about how transparent the selection process will be.

The Freedom of Information Act does not apply to non-profits. Neither does the Open Meetings Act or purchasing laws that require most construction contracts to be awarded to the low-bidder.



Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

Hi Mayor, we represent the "Daley Vanecko Infrastructure Trust Fund" Corporation LLC, and we have just the place for that money!

It's called the M.E.H. Plan

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Quisling Eater said...

And you thought Blago was taking some, maybe?

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I wouldn't trust raccoon eyes to buy coffee without pocketing some of the loot.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Daley should be in jail for all the stole. He lucked out.

Looks like Rahm is a bit smarter in how he steals the money. Just as corrupt however.

A not for profit can lose it's protected status and have it's records opened.

SUE THIS NOT FOR PROFIT HOAX! Any 501 C-3 still cannot be free from have people attack it in court. The up front conduct may be screened or hidden, but if there is dispute it can be sued.

Citizens committee for Chicago oversight anyone? Nice move there is no one has to audit before filing. Just sue based on the allegation of impropriety and failure to have honest answers given in connection to appropriation of funding questions about public money. Make it a race bait issue even.

Rahm gave money to niggers and passed over the spics is one angle; so the suit alleges and calls for the books to be opened in discovery. I like that ground to sue the 501 C-3 since the liberals can't cry foul too hard.

All discovery is then public record. The down side? City Hall's pockets are deeper then yours or any group's are. They steal our money to fund their lawyers after all.

Anonymous said...

Check your mail – I got an endorsement letter from the FOP yesterday, guess who they endorsed?

Your Fuck Our Police organization:

Michael K. Shields President

Fraternal Order of Police, Chicago Lodge 7


Has endorsed Michael Madigan

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Word on the street is the Feds are looking at Rahm, he miss spent G8 money.

I Voted For Obama said...

Rahm was even too sneaky for Obama. That's why Obama forced him out.

Anonymous said...

Rahm once gave me the finger, so , I kept it.