Wednesday, March 21, 2012

E-Bay: For Sale One Slightly Used Chicago Police Paddy Wagon - Contact Seller: 9 1/2 fingers

Police truck ripped apart during collision, 2 Cops and 1 Civilian injured - none life threatening - Get well soon!

Three people were hospitalized including two Chicago Police officers after their wagon collided with a civilian vehicle Tuesday night in the Gresham neighborhood on the Far South Side.

The officers were inside the police wagon when it crashed into another vehicle at 9:50 p.m. in the 8000 block of South Halsted Street, said Hector Alfaro, a police spokesman citing preliminary information.

No prisoners were in the wagon, which flipped and was left lying on its side, Alfaro said.



Jonatha Carr voted for Obama said...

Anonymous said...

OT --

Do we deserve to survive?

NYC shopping cart toss victim Marion Salmon Hedges says she feels sorry for teens who almost killed her

March 20, 2012 10:09 AM


"Marion Salmon Hedges, the woman who was seriously injured by a shopping cart thrown from a fourth-floor New York City mall last year, says she feels sorry for the boys who tossed it. She is also eager to get back to helping young boys like the two who nearly killed her.

"In the first time speaking publicly since the October 30 incident, Hedges says she has never heard an apology from the boys but wishes them well.

"Hedges suffered head trauma, busted ribs and was in a coma for weeks. She said she remains blind in her left eye and still has trouble walking...

Shopping cart horror caught on video,0,830624.htmlstory

Boy, 12, sentenced in NYC shopping-cart shove

Published March 08, 2012


"A troubled 12-year-old who sent a shopping cart hurtling onto a woman from a fourth-floor mall walkway was sentenced Thursday to at least six months in a therapeutic group home, with a judge calling his problems grave but not insurmountable..."

Anonymous said...

Only the best equipment for our PO's courtesy of Vanako & Sons Police Vehicles.(Never the lowest bidder)

Anonymous said...

Paddy wagon. ??? Don't see too many paddys in the back of a wagon anymore

I Voted For Obama said...

Obama voters have trouble not hitting big objects.

Anonymous said...

"No prisoners were in the wagon"

Makes the story less interesting.

BTW, why does the eBay seller '9 1/2 fingers' have a collection of slighted used butt plugs up for auction? Makes me worried about what the 'free local pick up' shipping choice could mean...

Anonymous said...

we can recall yrs back when Leroy Martin was the super, TIME MAG HAD A PHOTO OF A SHIP LEAVEING NY HARBOR loaded on top with used old cpd wagons and cars to give to Russian police after the fall of the commie govt, bet they wish they had some of thoese old rear door wagons now here in chicago,they were tanks....

Anonymous said...

WTF !! Don't they teach you guys how the fuck to drive ? Piss test ?