Thursday, March 01, 2012

Bomb squad called to Rush Limbaugh's house on Palm Beach, Florida

PALM BEACH, Fla. - The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office bomb squad was called to the Palm Beach home of Rush Limbaugh after security found a suspicious package Thursday afternoon.

The conservative talk-show host lives on the northern end of the island.

According to Palm Beach police, Rush Limbaugh’s security found a package containing an electronic plaque. Because it was electronic and had wires, they believed the package was suspicious and contacted authorities.

The package arrived Thursday around 4:30 p.m. and was reportedly sent from Wexford, Pennsylvania. Police were able to contact the sender who then apologized for sending something that could be construed as being dangerous.

Authorities have not determined whether the device will be destroyed.

The Palm Beach Daily News reports Palm Beach police blocked off North Ocean Boulevard and are re-routing northbound traffic onto North Ocean Way.

Limbaugh was reportedly home during the incident. He has not commented on the event.


Hetzer said...

Hmmm...Breitbart dies of "natural causes" and now El Rushbo has a bomb scare, be careful out there right wing bloggers and radio hosts.

Anonymous said...

More to the point, the socialists, marxists, communists, fascists, revolutionaries had better be careful...what goes around comes around..hard. Good will prevail over evil. We are Americans, and we don't take no crap from lefties.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. This is the election year for the Obama nuts to jump into action.

All Obama supporters, show that you are retarded and prone to chimping out by attacking sane thinking critics of the illegal conduct of Obammy!

I Voted For Obama said...

Bad things will happen to anyone who opposses the Al-Majid.

Anonymous said...

Did Rush cut a Fart?