Thursday, February 16, 2012

City of Chicago will pay over $6 million dollars to wrongfully arrested war protesters... But the CPD brass who made this decision... PROMOTED....

The city of Chicago will be forced to pay $6.2 million to over 700 protesters that were arrested in 2003.

Almost nine years ago, tens of thousands of protesters flooded the streets of Chicago to protest the invasion of Iraq, one of the longest wars in US history.

On Thursday lawyers on both sides of the table agreed to the sum in the class-action law that charges Chicago PD of unlawfully arresting peaceful protesters, bypassing the need for a trial that was set to kick off late March.

According to the protesters, Chicago police arrested hundreds of demonstrators without being ordered by law enforcement officials to break up the demonstration.

"I hope it sends a message that they need to treat us like citizens and not combatants," Cheryl Angelaccio, a protestor arrested in the anti-war protest, told ABC Chicago.

Lawyers of the nearly 800 plaintiffs’ see the settlement as an important victory that shows law enforcement across the country that people must be permitted to exercise their first amendment rights.



Anonymous said...

I remember that-- once again a failure of top tier supervision.

Anonymous said...

According to the protesters, Chicago police arrested hundreds of demonstrators without being ordered by law enforcement officials to break up the demonstration.....

What part of get the fuck out of the street did they not understand?
Typical obama BULLSHIT!

Anonymous said...

Of Course ! Chicago PD is Bizzarro-World, haven't ya figured that out by now?

I Voted For Obama said...

Pony up taxpayers. Obama voters deserve that money.

I Voted For Obama said...

Ok...Scratch the first comment. I like this one better.

Cheryl Angelaccio voted for Obama, then told him she wanted to be treated like a citizen, not a combatant.

What do you think? Better?

Anonymous said...

The city is broke and they shouldn't pay. Fuck these assholes, the deep pockets are inside out and there's nothing but crumbs.

How much will this G8 foolishness cost us?

Anonymous said...

That shit's crazy, they pay anyone who sues no wonder we're broke.

Anonymous said...

By the time they pay the lawyers, each of the arrestees will receive about $50,000.00.

Out of 10,000 protesters only 700 were arrested for violating the law or some City ordinance. None of the 700 arrested was a peaceful protestor, that's why they were arrested. Each and every one committed some type of crime. and for this they get paid 50K each. not bad for a night in jail.

Thank Mr Judge for sending the message for the G8. Come to Chicago, do what ever, where ever you want. The law does not apply to you and if you get arrested for committing a crime you too will get a big fat check.

If any Police officer arrests any one during the summit for anything other that a direct attack on them self or another Police Officer you deserve what ever you get. If lose your house or your freedom, to bad I don't want hear about it.

Let them destroy the parks, every store on Michigan avenue and anything else they want to destroy or burn. That should include your squad car unless you are in it.

Rahm and the City are going to hang you out to dry and claimed that they provided the training and you deviated from it, so it's all on you!

DO NOT ARREST ANY ONE! The protesters will have thousands of cameras out there and so will the press. The CPD will have none.

The protester can wear masks while they are attacking you and committing crimes. You have to display your name and star number on your uniform or you are in violation of the law.

When you are sitting in federal court the only video that will be shown and used against you will be the highly edited version shot by some protester showing you punching or clubbing an innocent citizen.

Have you ever noticed that when the press shows the videos of someone claiming excessive force it only shows the police applying the force and never shows what had occurred before that? Well Brothers that is by design. The edited video get shown as evidence and because there is no other video showing what actually happened is allowed and admitted as fact.

Do not lose every thing you have worked for to stop some retard from breaking the windows at Macys or because a group or retards are jumping up and down on a parked car. WHO CARES!

I will tell you WHO CARES. Your family when you get your ass sued off, lose everything and maybe spend some time in club fed.

The only good thing that will come out of this is that it will most certainly end Rahms political career and send G-8 back to Jersey or where ever the hell he came from.

Just remember every one you arrest, detain or put your hands on is going to get PAID!!! You are going to get FUCKED!!

We don't need no ARRESTS, let this M/F burn!!!

Cowboy Tim said...

So, each of these slimy asswipes will get $8,800? Real fuckin lovely. Hey, my fries be gettin' cold.

Cowboy Tim said...

"I Voted" -- no, go with the first comment. It's better.

Anonymous said...

The firemen who turned tha Paxton into a giant roadflare all got medals and promotions. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

I live just across the street from the Shitty and you can't beat it, like a front row seat at the circus.

Anonymous said...

To all you Catholic piggys there will be ashes in May also.