Sunday, February 19, 2012

29 FEB 2012 at 1300 hrs. - Final photo of 21st District with officers

Per Second City Cop Blog: Chciago Police Station 021 District Final Photo

In what is becoming a nice tradition, anyone who served in some of the old buildings is being invited back for a photograph:

•If you know of any 21st District alum's, please pass this on.

Word I'm getting is that there will be a photo taken of the station and all present and former prairie dogs on 29 Feb. at 1300 hrs. Call the District to verify, particularly if bad weather is predicted. Please pass the word to any other lucky active and retired officers for whom you have contact information. Hope to see you there.

Good Luck.


Cowboy Tim said...

Nine (9) days to get a haircut, kids...

I Voted For Obama said...

I am going to try to sneak in and have my picture taken also.

Anonymous said...

When 019 closes the photo will be taken at the "Ass & Ale Pub" on Clark street!

Homo de Blomo