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Sunday, October 07, 2012

Here's a way to help and support your favorite bloggers and it DOESN'T COST YOU A PENNY!

Oct 7th, 2012 - You guys are doing a great job! Please keep clicking on ads when you visit the blogs. Don't go crazy but a few clicks each day is great!
UPDATE: Please keep it up~ You are doing a great job! Ad revenues are up BIG TIME!
When you go to blogs you like please click on the GOOGLE ADS - they look like the below ad... In doing so the blogger makes a few cents per click. It cost you nothing and it helps our fellow bloggers! Thanks!
The GOOGLE ADS have been removed on this blog by GOOGLE... No big deal... Just make sure you click on the ads on the blogs listed on my blog listing to the right.
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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

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Friday, August 31, 2012

For all of you who thought the BGA Better Government Association is LEGIT...forget it!

So the BGA couldn't figure out who runs the blog so they pick on a duty disability cop hawking merchandise on the blog to make ends meet? Pretty strange if you ask me!
And it is actually 12,000 viewers a day!
By why let facts get in the way of
a good story.

The BGA is out harassing the people who have ads on my blog and based on the phone calls I received the BGA is blaming the wrong people for this blog.

It appears with the billion dollar corruption business in Chicago the BGA is more concerned about a blog that was dedicated to revealing city, county, state and federal corruption more than the government corruption in itself. One would believe that the BGA is CONTROLLED by the corrupt Chicago elected officials. Otherwise why would they worry about a news related blog. Explains why the BGA never went after all the powerful corrupt officials in Chicago.

It's not good bye but it will be a new start with my computer operations based in another state. Keep coming back here for follow up information.....

And nothing pisses off the BGA more than wasting weeks on a blog story when the blog can't be found!

As to my cop buddy who was bothered by the BGA for advertising your products on my blog, God bless my friend... You did nothing wrong!

From The E-Mail - too funny! Hey Detective Shaved Longcock, is this a video of you being taken away by the BGA? Better Government Association

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ald. Cappleman: I was chased by woman with knife - And if guns were legal in Chicago, you could have protected yourself!

Chicago Police Officer Shot and Seriously Wounded at Racine Courts Public Housing (22nd District) 111th and Racine

Chicago Police Officer Shot and Seriously 8:05pm Tonight
Racine Courts in the 22nd District Approximately 111th and South Racine
Will update when more info is available... Prayers at this time...
2 In custody and gun, one offender still wanted

Even worse than the illegal beaners entering our country... 1 million gallons of sewage from Mexico closes San Diego beaches

San Diego, CA - More than a million gallons of raw sewage from Mexico flowed north Tuesday and forced officials to close San Diego-area beaches.

Border Field State Park, Tijuana Slough National Wildlife Refuge Shoreline and Imperial Beach, including Surf Camp were closed, health officials said.

The sewage began spilling Tuesday morning from a broken pipe on a beach in Tijuana, less than a mile south of the United States-Mexico border, officials said.

Warning signs were posted along the affected areas. It was unclear how long the beaches would remain closed.